Taliah Waajid Clean & Natural Herbal  Hair Wash 8FL OZ.

Taliah Waajid Clean & Natural Herbal Hair Wash 8FL OZ.

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Clean & Natural This Sulfate-free formula is a gentle yet effective conditioning wash that leaves hair feeling light and free of residue and product build-up. Herbal extracts of Chamomile, Ginger, and seaweed have been infused into this recipe to cleanse the hair gently without stripping it of essential oils. In addition, Palm Oil and silk conditioners coat the hair to repair protect and improve manageability. You are going to love this wash! Directions:  Thoroughly wet hair. Apply a liberal amount of Clean & Natural Herbal Hair wash into your hands and apply to hair closest to the scalp. Apply more Clean & Natural Herbal Wash to your hair and massage into lather. Massage into hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat. Towel dry and apply a small amount of The Great Detangler for conditioning. Use the Curl Sealer or the Curly Curl Cream for frizz free styles that last all day.



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