Business Mentorship & Training Program

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Business Mentorship & Training Program

Our Knowledge, Your Services

The Program:

6 aspiring entrepreneurs will be invited to join our team for 6 months of hands-on training and development. The best part is, it will cost nothing but time and commitment. In exchange for services, participants will receive valuable hands on training and guidance in every aspect of opening, running and growing a successful business.

The Curriculum:

  • Starting your business
    • Setting up your business
    • Building your Brand
    • Business Planning & Budgeting
    • Finding your location
    • Business Funding
    • Permits & Licenses
    • Identifying resources 
    • Getting to grand opening
  • Running your business
    • Administrative duties
    • Staffing & Team Building
    • Business systems
    • Accounting & Taxes
    • Working with vendors
    • Common challenges
    • Sales & Customer Service
  • Growing your business
    • Business Planning & Forecasting   
    • Funding Options    
    • Online Store
    • Partnerships 

The Training:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Planning & Development

The Format:

Each month participants will be assigned responsibility over key business functions. They will be expected to work with their mentors and each other to perform assigned duties. Responsibilities will rotate each month so that each participant gains valuable hands-on training in every aspect of business.

Participants will be required to attend bi-weekly team meetings where they must report on their progress within their assigned function. This is also an opportunity to touch base with the larger team on any questions, or outstanding items that need to be addressed.

On alternate weeks, participants will be invited to attend a bi-weekly training workshop where mentors will provide valuable information and resources that will not only assist them in completing their assigned tasks but ultimately work towards opening their very own business.

The Commitment:

  •     1 two-hour orientation
  •     2 bi-weekly team meetings monthly
  •     2 bi- weekly training workshops monthly
  •     5 hours in-store customer service weekly
  •     5-10 hours towards assigned duties weekly

Total time commitment: 12-17 hours weekly

The Fundraising Event:

Throughout the 6-month program, participants will plan a fundraising event to take place at the completion of the program. Funds raised will be distributed amongst participants to fund their business endeavors. 


  • Must be 18yrs or older
  • Must live in the Los Angeles area or be willing to commute
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be willing to commit 15 hours weekly to the program - which includes 7 in-store hours. 
  • Must have an interest in pursuing entrepreneurship in the beauty retail industry
  • Must be able to perform assigned job duties

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