Makeba Babassu Bliss 8oz

Makeba Babassu Bliss 8oz

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Find your hair bliss.  Babassu Bliss is ideal for all natural styles when you want smooth, silky, and moisturized twists, puffs, and fros with great definition and a soft to the touch finish.

A thick and creamy water-based moisturizer. Leaves hair feeling silky and hydrated. Can be used daily on all types of hair. Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way!  Lightly scented.

Our Babassu Bliss can give your hair moisture that lasts 3-4 days or more.  No need to reapply daily. With continued use, you’ll find you need less product overall for your hair. Your hair may become richer in color and easier to manage.  Less breakage and less dullness.

  • Babassu Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Aloe Vera



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