Taliah Waajid Style & Shine 6oz

Taliah Waajid Style & Shine 6oz

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  • Finally, a style cream that works wonders on the hair of kinky queens! Designed specifically for tight to medium curl patterns, Taliah Waajid for Children Herbal Style & Shine For Natural Hair is a moisture-based, light cream that won't weigh down the hair, but will perform a miracle when it instantly defines curls right before your eyes.

    Ideal for 3B-4C Hair Textures.

    No Chemicals or Parabens.

    Cruelty Free.

    Daily Style and Moisture: Rub a generous amount of Style & Shine into hands and onto hair. Comb, brush, style as desired.

    For Hair Pressing: Apply a small amount to sections of hair, then use a warm comb or ceramic iron to press the hair.

    For Locs: Apply a small amount to new growth and palm roll section by section.

    For Twists: Apply a small amount to parted-off section of hair, then twist. For best results, use Taliah Waajid's  and to gently cleanse, moisturize and conditioner hair prior to applying Style & Shine.

    Ingredients We Love

    • Shea Butter: Derived straight from African Shea trees, this highly concentrated fat is packed with vitamins and fatty acids. It's great for sealing moisture to keep your hair nourished longer and protect stands against harmful weather.
    • Green Tea: Straight from the Camellia sinensis plant, these tea leaves prevent hair loss by feeding your stands with necessary nutrients that support healthy hair growth.
    • Sage: Derived from the Latin word “salvere” - which means “to be saved” - this herb saves your from hair loss and stimulates hair growth to make hair thicker and shinier than ever.
    • Vitamin E: This vitamin has antioxidant properties that strengthen hair follicles, prevent unnecessary hair loss, and increase overall scalp health. It also has the power to reverse the effects of damaged hair with continued use




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